Stella Kucher is a graphic designer in the field of branding, packaging design, informtaion graphics, exhibition design and illustration with a strong intrest in spatial design.
She focuses on a conceptual and strong visual language with playful elements. Summarizing content  and simplifying complex topics in such a way that they are accessible and understandable to everyone, is an essential part of her design. Her aim is to generate socially sustainable projects with a focus on interdisciplinarity - because when interconnecting information and approaches a holistic and inclusive design is possible.
by Isabella Hawlett
University of Applied Arts Vienna
- Graphic Design and Advertising

Art University Linz
- Graphic Design and Photography (BA)

Freelance graphic designer 
- (since 02/2023)

Studio de Ronners, Rotterdam (NL) 
- Graphic Design internship (11/2022-02/2023)
open 121, Vienna (AT) 
- junior graphic designer  (2019-2020)
kognito gestaltung, Berlin (DE)
- Graphic Design internship (02/2017-06/2017)

2022     Angewandte Festival 2022
2022     Graphic direction of the interactive
            exhibition Unsichtbar
            under the direction of Livia Klein
2019     ARS Electronica Festival -
            Campus - Time Capsule Exhibition
            with the work
2017     Best OFF -
            Starhembergstraße 11 with Andrea Eiber
2017     Hot Pot -
            at the Splace at the Hauptplatz (Linz)
            contrastive - subjective Hong Kong
Comissions and collaborations:
Artmarkler, Artvise Magazin, Apropos Salzburg, Austrian Institute of Technologie, Casa Corrado, Eigensinnig Wien, Festklub, Fuzzybrains
Fokus visuelle Gestaltung, Frozen Power, Jansky, Juan Kollektiv, Poolbar Festival, Speculative Speculum, Studienbeihilfe Österreich, Tschak,  Unsichtbar - Initiative gegen sexuelle Gewalt, Vague Island

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